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Rumbelle fic: Bright Pages

Title: Bright Pages

By: mrssnape13

For: frenchroast

Medium: Fic

Summary: Rumplestiltskin overhears some caroling, remembers a winter's night long passed, and finds a way to make everything right.

Rating/Warning: G to PG. No warnings, I think. Possible spoilers for season two, but nothing specific. This takes place after Belle and Rumple take a bit of a break, and he has that wonderfully serious conversation with her at the library. It's Christmas time in Storybrooke, and it seems the whole town is missing the Charming ladies.

Creator's Note: Frenchroast asked for some caroling, so I hope this delivers! The song Belle sings to Rumple is from "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas." It's called "Stories" (link to video!) (link to video!) and is seriously one of my favorite songs. Enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Alas.

Bright Pages

Rumplestiltskin could hear someone singing and the sound of a fiddle playing several blocks over.

"That's the third night this week. Damn carolers," he muttered to himself.

His curiosity managed to prevail over his annoyance and he decided to find out who it was that was so obviously wasting their time.

Christmas spirit was very thin on the ground in Storybrooke that year; it was every year, but this year the Charmings were mostly missing--Snow and Emma being gone--and the remaining princes had infected the rest of the town with their gloom.

Not that Rumplestiltskin particularly cared. Christmas was lost on him; he had no son and Belle was still keeping him at arm's length.

There'd been a slight thawing of the ice between them after their discussion in the library, but he had respected her decision and they were taking things glacially slow.

All of that hadn't stopped him buying her a Christmas present. He'd leave it at her flat the next time he passed by and she was out.

After walking a couple blocks the caroler was within earshot.

His steps faltered and his heart sped up in his chest.

It was Belle.

He rounded the corner, being careful to stay out of sight.

Belle was standing on someone's front porch, singing while Grumpy played the fiddle.

Rumplestiltskin wasn't surprised to see the dwarf. He was a leal friend to Belle, and she to him. Of course he'd accompany her on this fool's errand.

Still, Belle had a lovely voice. And a lovelier heart.

If anyone could inject some cheer into the town, it was her.

As the sweet sound of her singing "Silent Night" filled the quiet street, he recalled another winter night, long ago.

. . .

Belle was still cleaning in the library, but Rumplestiltskin didn't let that deter him from making himself comfortable by the fire.

It had already been a very cold winter, and there were months yet to go. The library was warm and snug, a fact even "The Dark One" found himself appreciating that season.

As she replaced several volumes she had removed from one of the upper shelves, Belle hummed a song.

He only recognized the tune because she'd been humming it over the last several days.

"Favorite seasonal tune, dearie?"

Belle nearly lost her balance on the ladder, but he was up in a flash to steady it for her.

"I didn't hear you come in," she said, climbing down with a slight blush coloring her cheeks.

He helped her down to the ground and beckoned for her to join him by the fire. Belle poured them tea for two, humming her song again.

She caught his eye and blushed once more.


"You've a lovely voice."

"Thank you."

"It is only the truth."

They were quiet for a moment before he let his curiosity win out.

"What is it about?"

"It's about a young woman looking for common ground with the man she loves through stories. She wants to make him happy and for his heart to be at peace."

"Ah. Not seasonal then."

"Well, the story is set in winter. She is making a book for him as a Yule gift when she sings the song."

"Will you? Sing the words that is."

"Al... Alright."

Belle looked into the fire, suddenly shy, but her voice sounded clear and rich all the same.

When I get to know him,
we'll find more things to say.
One day I will reach him,
there has to be a way.
Everyone needs someone,
he must need someone too.
When I get to know him better,
here's what I will do.

I'll read him stories
from picture books all filled with wonder.
Magic worlds where the impossible
becomes the everyday.
We'll find a mountaintop
and some moonbeams to sit under.
I'll lead because I know the way.

So much to discover,
I do it all the time.
I could live inside bright pages
where the words all rhyme.
We will slay the dragons
that still follow him around,
and he'll smile,
yes, he'll smile,
as his dreams leave the ground.

Stories and stories
'bout mermaids, kings, and sunken treasure.
Magic worlds where the impossible
becomes the everyday.
I know a tiny place,
just a dot too small to measure.
I'll take him there,
I know the way.

Stories 'bout heroes
who overcame their deepest sorrow.
They'll put hope into his heart again,
to cherish everyday.
He'll find a better world,
and the strength to face tomorrow.
I'm sure that when he knows the way,
he'll want to stay.

When she had finished, Rumplestiltskin's throat was too dry for speech.

Belle mistook his silence for displeasure and left the room without another word.

The soft click of the door closing behind her brought him back to his senses.

He went to the writing table in the corner, grabbed a stack of parchment, and didn't stop writing until the first rays of dawn began to creep over the horizon.

When Belle woke later that morning, there would be a newly bound book on her bedside table, and a note:

"The words might not all rhyme, but the pages are bright."

He and Belle read to each other from that book all through the winter, and for the first time in decades Rumplestiltskin felt as if he had something--someone--to cherish.

. . .

More decades had come and gone since then, but Rumplestiltskin once more found himself being warmed by his dear lady's voice despite the snow.

Whoever owned the porch she and Grumpy were standing on apparently did not share the same sentiments.

Belle had scarcely finished singing before the porch light was unceremoniously shut off.

Grumpy's playing came to a screeching halt and Belle's shoulders slumped.

"That's the twelfth house to do that princess," Grumpy said gently, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Belle sighed.

"Perhaps this was a bad idea."

"Naw, it wasn't. You tried to do a good thing tonight," he said, giving her his arm and helping her down the frozen steps and onto the sidewalk.

"Besides, we can try again tomorrow Belle."

She laughed and tugged him closer.

"Alright Grumpy. Come on, I'll make you a cup of tea before you head home."

They walked off into the night and Rumplestiltskin was left, dissatisfied and wanting to do something for her.

. . .

He waited outside her flat the next night until Grumpy had taken his tea and left.

Rumplestiltskin knocked on Belle's door and waited, clutching her Christmas present in suddenly clammy hands.

He'd found her a beautiful old edition of the letters of Abelard and Heloise.

He wasn't nervous about the gift; he knew she'd love it.

No, he just couldn't believe what he was about to do.

Belle opened the door and smiled up at him.

Before she could say anything, he opened his mouth and began to sing. His voice was raspy, and he knew he would probably destroy the melody, but he was past the point of no return.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Let your heart be light.
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Make the Yuletide gay.
From now on,
our troubles will be miles away.

Here we are as in olden days,
happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
gather near to us once more.

Through the years,
We all will be together,
if the Fates allow.
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.
And have yourself a merry little Christmas now.

When he had finished, there were tears on Belle's cheeks.

"Ah. Not exactly the effect I was going for."

She let out a watery laugh and threw her arms around him, kissing him breathless.

. . .

Later, much later, when they were sated and warm in her bed, and Belle had joyously unwrapped the book he had brought her, he confessed.

"I saw you last night. When you and Grumpy were left in the dark on that porch."

Belle's hand never stilled as it traced imaginary patterns on his chest, but she sighed as she answered him.

"The whole town's been so cheerless, and it's Christmas. I just wanted to make a few people happy."

"It made me remember the first night you sang to me," he said, fingers dancing in her curly hair. "You made--you make--me happy."

He reached down to cup her chin, and their eyes met.

"I wanted to give you at least a taste of how you made me feel all those years ago."

There were tears in her eyes again, but he knew she was happy.

She kissed him softly.

"Merry Christmas, Rum."

"Merry Christmas, Belle."

Rumbelle Fic: Snow Day

Title: Snow Day

By: mrssnape13

For: frenchroast

Medium: Fic

Summary: Belle finds herself in the midst of a snowy battle with some of Storybrooke's youngest citizens. An unlikely hero steps in to save the day.

Rating/Warnings: G. Mostly. Because Rumple is a loose cannon. No warnings. And no spoilers. This is just a fluffy fun, wintery piece. Frenchroast preferred something lighthearted, and wanted a snowball fight or caroling, so I decided to deliver both! This one is the snowball fight, and Gift #2 will be reserved for the caroling. :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing, save the feelings bursting forth from my shippy heart.

Snow Day

Belle followed the children out of the library and took a deep breath of the cold, bitter air.

She wondered why she had even tried to have Story Time, on such a nice day.

It was the sort of day that was freezing but sunny, and there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground from the night before.

Belle clapped her hands together and all the children gave her their attention. There was Henry, Alice, Pinocchio, Hansel, and Gretel.

Just enough to form two teams.

And she only had to say two words to spur them into action:

"Snowball fight."

Belle, Henry and Alice soon had the makings of a snow fortress, while the others had taken cover in the hedges by the back exit. They had monopolized the only patch of grass near the building, and consquently most of the snow.

Belle knew her team would have to make each snowball count.

Henry had fairly good aim, but he was no match for Hansel. Soon enough Henry was covered head to foot in snow.

Alice was very good at dodging and weaving, and got the better of Gretel in a matter of minutes.

It was up to Belle to take down Pinocchio.

She hunkered down behind the fort next to Henry while Alice kept busy with Hansel and Gretel.

"Okay Henry, this is it. You and Alice have fought bravely today, but now it's down to me to rid us of our icy menace."

Henry put a bracing hand on her arm.

"I know you can do it, princess."

She ruffled his hair, picked up their last snowball, and charged towards the hedge.

Pinocchio's aim had been deadly and accurate til then, but now no snowballs flew her way.

By the time Belle realized she had fallen right into the boy's trap, she had reached the hedge and it was too late.

Pinocchio was behind her; she just knew it.

Belle braced herself for an impact that never came.

There was only the sound of something flying through the air, and then Pinocchio cried out as he was struck by a snowball.

Belle whirled around and there was Rumplestiltskin, standing near the little snow fort on the other side of the parking lot.

He quirked an eyebrow.

"Best run before he gathers his wits, dearie."

Belle ran over to him, laughing breathlessly as the snow once more started to fly.

Ignoring the pain in his bad knee, he crouched behind the fort with her and Henry, and they began strategizing how to get Alice back from the enemy.

In the end, there was more tumbling about in the snow more than actual negotiation, but when the children's families came to collect them, their little faces were more aglow with happiness than with the cold.

Belle sent them off with a promise that they'd all have a nice cup of cocoa that night and return for Story Time on the morrow.

When Henry--always the last to leave--had disappeared round the bend with Emma, Belle turned to face her hero and gave him a kiss.

"Thank you for saving me."

He kissed her then, and let his forehead rest against hers.

"Let's get you home and warm, Belle."

"And just how do you plan to do that?"

"I've a few ideas, and I can assure you none of them involve cocoa."
Title: The Last Van Gogh
Author: mrssnape13
Artist: fujiidom
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny, mentions of Howard/Raj
Fandom: Big Bang Theory, Poirot/Agatha Christie, Van Gogh (because he so has fangirls and boys ^^)
Rating: R-ish
Warnings: Some brief but disturbing imagery and concepts, child abuse (once instance, in a flashback), violence, and Sheldon bashes religion just a little, one time (no offense to anyone is meant at all)
Word Count: 16,825
Summary: Penny knows that there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Vincent Van Gogh, and she and her boys, with the help of Sheldon and famed detective Hercule Poirot risk their lives to expose a plot that threatens to destroy them all and the world they live in.

Author's Note: I hope you will all forgive me for fiddling around with history. A lot of these places and things are real, but I've molded them some to fit the story. Many, many thanks go to Tricia for the beta, without whom this fic would probably never have gotten to see the light of day. Just as many thanks to fujiidom for picking this story, way back when, to make some beautiful art and a great fanmix for. Comments and critiques are more than welcome, and I really hope that those who read this enjoy it and stick around long enough to let me know. :)

And here is fujiidom's fabulous work.
Thank you again! <3

Read moreCollapse )

Part II

Fic: Six Impossible Things, 4/6 (4a)

Title: Six Impossible Things
Author: mrssnape13
Warnings: Some eventual violence. Schmoop. Fluff. :)
Rating: R-ish
Spoilers: None. This takes place just before the pilot episode
Word Count: This chapter: 7,324 (Story so far: 19,422!)
Summary: Danny and Grace fall down the rabbit hole into "Wonderland," and find out they have to be heroes.
Author's Note: I can't believe it has taken me so long to post another chapter. :/ I finished and then edited my Honors Thesis, graduated from college, and since then I've been basically living at my darn job. So writing time has been pretty scarce. Still, I apologize for such a crazy delay. To those who have been reading this, thank you for being so lovely, and I hope you're willing to stick around just a bit longer.


Chapter 4aCollapse )


How is this even my life????

It's after one in the morning. I've finished editing my blasted paper.


Now I have to type it up. :/ ARRRRGH. I worked on this all day. And yesterday, And the day before that, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, here is my little progress chart, because it's late and I'm up all by myself.

1:15am--I begin typing.

1:36am--  A series of gunshots is fired in rapid succession across the street. There are the sounds of tires squealing. I hunker down lower on the couch because, sadly, there are ALWAYS gunshots across the street. Not sure if they're actually firing at anyone, because NO injuries have ever been reported or shown up in the TPD police log. If they are shooting something, then these people have pisspoor aim and will never survive the zombie apocalypse. I'm cool with this, since they scare the hell out of me and they've destroyed my neighborhood.

2:00am-- Intro is all typed. Christ on a cracker.

2:30am-- In the middle of my Petrarch section, I realize I don't know how to add a damn footnote. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE?????

2:37am-- I give the fuck up and go to bed, vowing to get up at 5am so I can get this thing DONE before I have to drag my exhausted ass to class.

And you know I'm tired because I no longer care about sounding like a sailor.

Title: Six Impossible Things
Author: mrssnape13
Warnings: Some eventual violence. Schmoop. Fluff. :)
Spoilers: None. This takes place just before the pilot episode
Word Count: This chapter: 4,693 (Story so far: 12, 098!)
Summary: Danny and Grace fall down the rabbit hole into "Wonderland," and find out they have to be heroes.
Author's Note: I'm trying to get this written and posted without too much delay, but my thesis has basically consumed my life! Many thanks to everyone who's left me their lovely comments. :)


Chapter 3: SteveCollapse )

 Chapter 3b

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